Trusts and executorships

Securing your wealth and assets

When you’re considering the best way to leave your possessions and money to your loved ones, you’ll also be thinking of the best way to do it without landing them with a large inheritance tax bill.

There are a few ways to do this, but, depending on your circumstances, one of the best options is setting up a trust for your beneficiaries. These can act as a safety deposit box and will hold your assets safely, outside the reach of inheritance tax.

We can advise you on the process of setting up a trust and appointing executors. If you wish, we can also act as trustees or executors of your trusts, making sure they’re well looked after until your loved ones come of the right age to access their inheritance.

When placing your assets into a trust, they’re technically no longer in your possession, meaning they fall outside the scope of inheritance tax. Obviously, you want to make sure your loved ones get the most from their inheritance, and through trusts, they can.

Together, with our estate planning services, we can help you draft and review your will, appoint trustees and make sure your family don’t lose out to HMRC.

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