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Running a charity requires a lot of dedication. Not only are you backing a worthy cause, but you’re also working hard to support yourself at the same time.

Sometimes it can be difficult, especially if you have to raise extra financing, but you’re not exactly sure where it will come from. On top of that, you also need to make sure you’re staying compliant with industry-specific regulations.

We offer a range of charity services to provide you with the assistance you need so you can carry on with your selfless projects.

We’ll provide you with the broad strokes of accounting as well. If you’re VAT registered, we can organise and file your returns. We can also take over your payroll processes and run your books.

Not only will we help you with the financial aspects of running your charity, but we’ll guide you through the best practices to provide assurance that your charity’s financial statements have been prepared in compliance with the Statement of Recommended Practice. To keep your charity running smoothly, we can advise on the best way to find funding, usually through Government grants.

We can act as advisors and support you through any audit or independent examinations. This will be invaluable if your shareholders ask you to review your financial processes.

If you have any questions about your governance or the legislation involved in running your charity, we’re happy to answer them.

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